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12408 His-1520 Unclassified: a. Ethiopia is i. one of the oldest outposts of Christianity ii. Has one of the oldest agriculture areas in the world iii. Very fertile soil iv. Mountainous region v. Isolation causes many to create monostaries vi. Ethiopian monarchy survived for 1700 years b. A state is i. a centralized formalized authority ii. agents who carry out the business of the state (beurocrats or soldiers) iii. have judicial institutions iv. securities v. resolve disputes vi. protected from outsiders c. Lecture outline/notes: II. Religion on Africa a. Most had belief in one supreme being with lesser deities surrounding it b. Many were mixed with Islam or Christianity c. Firm belief in ancestor worship d. Witchcraft has had a stronghold on Africa e. Widespread credibility of beliefs in spiritual forces f. Because of Muslim invaders in 7 th century, spread of Christianity in Africa became stagnant g. Spread of Christian envangelism in the 1900’s h. Islam was spread through conquerors and slaves i. When Coptic Christians made the move to Africa, Christianity became a predominate religion j. 1270 solomon dynasty descends the throne III. West Africa a. Major empires flowering in the sudan i. 5 th -16 th century b. Africa produced a lot of stateless societies c. Usually a large correlation between the rise of trade and the rise of states d. Islam was tolerated more so than practiced e. 11 th century conversion to islam, not so much by population thought IV. East Africa a. Very distinctive commercial culture appears
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b. Heavily dependant on the Indian ocean c. Population was described as tall and dark skinned d. As trade takes off as do urban cultures e. Sailors in improved ships used the monsoon winds to travel f. Slaves were traded out, often to Iraqi region g. Between the 11 th and 16 th century east africas “golden age” arrived h. Many self contained provinces, such as the Vatican or early hong kong
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12408his1520 - 12408 His-1520 Unclassified a Ethiopia is i...

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