Leaf Parts - Vein-contains the vascular tissue with the...

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Leaf Parts: Cuticle- a sort of waxy protective covering of the leaf, the outermost layer Upper epidermis- the outer layer of cells covering the leaves Palisade mesophyll –upper layer of tissues within the leaf under the upper epidermis, it’s the main place where photosynthesis takes place Spongy mesophyll- lower layer of tissue within the leaf, has a few chloroplasts and loosely place cells Lower epidermis- the outer layer of cells covering the leaves
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Unformatted text preview: Vein-contains the vascular tissue, with the xylem and the phloem Xylem- tissue that carries water/nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant Phloem-tissue that takes the food that the leaf has produced, to the rest of the plant Guard cell- cells that open and close the stoma Stoma- pores in the epidermis that let gases get through...
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