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Gupta 1 Ankur Gupta Professor Marconi PWR 1 14 October 2004 Medicine: An Art, a Science, or Both? How comfortable would you be getting a physical from a robot or perhaps via webcam from a doctor on the other side of the world? Not very. However, these notions are becoming more real every passing day and these are the very trends which Sherwin Nuland counters in his introduction to Doctors . In today’s world, where the once integral role of doctors is slowly diminishing by outsourcing and attempting to replace doctors with machines, Nuland claims that there is and must remain a very human aspect to medicine. In his introduction, he masterfully contends that medicine has become too parochial and needs to shift some focus back to the entire human being as a person as opposed to concentrating on individual tissue cultures and body parts. By employing the elements of rhetoric in balance, Nuland crafts his argument effectively to gain credibility, target his intended readership, and convey a solid message. In the beginning of the introduction, Sherwin Nuland wastes no time in establishing himself as a worthy authority. With his library anecdote, he bombards the reader with details to establish his credibility. He starts with the heavy artillery by immediately revealing the library’s name: Yale Medical History Library. The mere mention of Yale provides a major source of ethos and exacts respect from the reader as it would be a privilege, if not an honor, for anyone to step foot on campus. This simple detail could have given him sufficient credibility, but he continues to provide more,
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Gupta 2 namely facts such as “The library is exactly the length of two football fields away from the operating rooms where I spend much of my day” (xvi). Here, Nuland states that he is a surgeon and pays close attention to detail, a common idiosyncrasy in the medical field to which he caters. Nuland’s rapport with the reader strengthens since now he is not only a doctor but also a surgeon at one of the most prestigious schools in the world. For “three decades,” (xvi) Nuland has been mastering his craft in the same place and for this the
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first pwr paper - Gupta 1 Ankur Gupta Professor Marconi PWR...

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