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Play Audio (3min) as Introduction Before we play the clip, we’ll ask them to listen for pacing, emphasis, and repetition in Celan’s reading. They should include this in their later analysis. Opening Explanation (3 min) Obvious in the poem is the fact that the “man” represents the authority, that “Shulamith” represents the Jews, and that “Margarete” represents the Aryans. In order to delve deeper into the poem, the first thing that we’ll do is to break the class up into three groups. Each group will be assigned a topic to discuss. Using a few questions as guides, they’ll draw their own conclusions, which they’ll formulate into a three or four sentence paragraph. Group Breakup (15 min) Groups One: Allusions -what does the name Margarete suggest? -what conclusions can be drawn from her role in Faust? -what does the repetition of “serpents” bring to mind? Group Two: Symbolism/Imagery -what exactly does the “black milk” represent? -what is the significance of the “ashen hair”? the “golden hair”?
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