IHUM Spring - Final Proj

IHUM Spring - Final Proj - Propaganda video: on horse; kids...

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Propaganda video: on horse; kids Marching videos CNN videos Use habermas’ logic (instrumental vs dialogicial knowledge) to show how reason is used to distort things in propaganda and media takes over and changes public sphere triumph of the will Hammer imagery swastika “propaganda” and its connotations http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/goeb59.htm http://www.korea-dpr.com/history34.htm www.robpongi.com/pages/comboFUCKINGUSAHI.html http://robpongi.com/pages/comboKIMJONGIL.html http://robpongi.com/pages/comboNKDANCE.html http://www.kcckp.net/en/great/works.php?2 http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/goeb59.htm MOVIE CLIPS -“Selling Murder” --start 3:00 – ‘hereditarily ill’ --start 5:15 – ‘survival of the fittest’ -- start 9:03 – ‘the inheritance’ – justifying killing of the weak --start 11:00 – ‘nationalism & then Hitler authorizing child killing’ -- start 17:30 – ‘Existence w/o Life’ – professor giving lecture --start 33:35 – reading of the script in which a patient is killed --start 40:00 – ‘I Accuse’ – skillfully crafted plot that tries to confuse euthanasia w/ mass murder - Eye of the dictator 5:40 Goebbels speaking, great rhetorician 10:00 hitler speaking 12:34 video of incredible airforce montage of german rearmaments … “Wagnerian” approach 18: 46 video that hid losses in attack on England, skewed perception of Englands army as really weak which was not true 25:00 UBoat scenes 34:00 big assembly 51:00 kamikaze boat 51:10 hitler 53:50 young boys don’t know whats goin on 55:00 goebbels last propaganda with happy children Goebbels 1:40 Patriot propaganda
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4:30 patriotic march 5:40 entertainment is best propaganda woman in bikini 12:00 kids singing… too well behaved 18:30 trying to create a Fuhrer myth like Hollywood epics, not info/fact, but emotion
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IHUM Spring - Final Proj - Propaganda video: on horse; kids...

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