Study Notes 06 - Employee Selection

Job knowledge tests an achievement test that measures

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Unformatted text preview: about what he or she actually did in a given situation. Panel Interview An interview in which a board of interviewers questions and observes a single candidate. q Highlights in HRM 6.3 q Interviewing Methods (cont'd) q Computer and Virtual Interview Using a computer program that requires candidates to answer a series of questions tailored to the job. Answers are compared either with an ideal profile or with profiles developed on the basis of other candidates' responses. Video and Digitally Recorded Interviews Using video conference technologies to evaluate job candidates' technical abilities, energy level, appearance, and the like before incurring the costs of a face-to-face meeting. q Ground Rules for Employment Interviews q Establish an interview plan q Establish and maintain rapport q Be an active listener q Pay attention to nonverbal cues q Provide information freely q Use questions effectively q Separate facts from inferences q Recognize biases and stereotypes q Control the course of the interview q Standardize the questions asked q Are these questions legal? 1.What is your maiden name? 2.Would you include your birth certificate with your application? 3.What is your mother tongue? 4.Include a reference from your pastor, iman, rabbi or priest. 5.Can you work during Christmas? 6. Have you ever been convicted of an offence for which no pardon has been granted? 7. Can you work every Friday from 7am to 3pm? q Medical examination q To ensure health and fitness of applicants. q Provides a baseline against which subsequent exams can be compared. q BUT, can only be conducted after an offer of employment has been made and can only assess abilities to perform essential job duties. q Drug Testing q The following types of testing are not allowed: Pre-employment drug testing Pre-employment alcohol testing Random drug testing Random alcohol testing q Reaching a Selection Decision q Selection Considerations: Should individuals to be hired according to their highest potential or according to the needs of the organization? At what grade or wage level to start the individual? Should selection be for employee- job match, or should advancement potential be considered? Should those not qualified but qualifiable be considered? Should overqualified individuals be considered? What effect will a decision have on meeting employment equity plans and diversity considerations? q Figure 68 "Can-Do" and "Will-Do" Factors in Selection Decisions q Selection Decision Strategies q Selection Decision Models q Compensatory Model Permits a high score in one area to make up for a low score in another area. Multiple Cutoff Model Requires an applicant to achieve a minimum level of proficiency on all selection dimensions. Multiple Hurdle Model Only applicants with sufficiently high scores at each selection stage go on to subsequent stages in the selection process. q Selection Process (cont'd) q Final Decision Selection of applicant by departmental or immediate supervisor to fill vacancy. Notification of selection and job offer by the human resources department. Thank you...
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