Study Notes 06 - Employee Selection

Q ground rules for employment interviews q establish

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Unformatted text preview: tion be for employee- job match, or should advancement potential be considered? Should those not qualified but qualifiable be considered? Should overqualified individuals be considered? What effect will a decision have on meeting employment equity plans and diversity considerations? q Figure 68 "Can-Do" and "Will-Do" Factors in Selection Decisions q Selection Decision Strategies q Selection Decision Models q Compensatory Model Permits a high score in one area to make up for a low score in another area. Multiple Cutoff Model Requires an applicant to achieve a minimum level of proficiency on all selection dimensions. Multiple Hurdle Model Only applicants with sufficiently high scores at each selection stage go on to subsequent stages in the selection process. q Selection Process (cont'd) q Final Decision Selection of applicant by departmental or immediate supervisor to fill vacancy. Notification of selection and job offer by the human resources department. Thank you...
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