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Unformatted text preview: graph. q Figure 64 Integrity Test Question Examples q Background Investigations (cont'd) q Graphology The use of a sample of an applicant's handwriting to make an employment decision. q Employment Tests q Employment Test An objective and standardized measure of a sample of behaviour that is used to gauge a person's knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) in relation to other individuals. q Classification of Employment Tests q Cognitive Ability Tests Aptitude tests v Measures of a person's capacity to learn or acquire skills. Achievement tests v Measures of what a person knows or can do right now. v Personality and Interest Inventories "Big Five" personality factors: v Extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness to experience. q Figure 6.6 q Interest tests q Preferences for certain activities q Used mainly for career counselling q Classification of Employment Tests (cont'd) q Physical Ability Tests Must be related to the essential functions of the the job. Job Knowledge Tests An achievement test that measures a person's level of understanding about a particular job. CPI Personality Facets and Sample Items Work Sample Tests Require the applicant to perform tasks that are actually a part of the work required on the job. q The Employment Interview q Why the interview is so popular: It is especially practical when there are only a small number of applicants. It serves other purposes, such as public relations. Interviewers maintain great faith and confidence in their judgments. q Interviewing Methods q Nondirective Interview The applicant determines the course of the discussion, while the interviewer refrains from influencing the applicant's remarks. Structured Interview An interview in which a set of standardized questions having an established set of answers is used. q Interviewing Methods (cont'd) q Situational Interview An interview in which an applicant is given a hypothetical incident and asked how he or she would respond to it. Behavioural Description Interview (BDI) An interview in which an applicant is asked questions...
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