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Study Notes 06 - Employee Selection

V a high score indicates high job performance

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Unformatted text preview: nt to which applicants' test scores match criterion data obtained from those applicants/ employees after they have been on the job for some indefinite period. v A high or low test score at hiring predicts high or low job performance at a point in time after hiring. v Validity (or Correlation) Coefficient A number ranging from 0.00, denoting a complete absence of relationship, to 1.00 and to -1.00, indicating a perfect positive and perfect negative relationship, respectively. q Figure 63 Correlation Scatterplots q Approaches to Validation q Cross-validation Verifying the results obtained from a validation study by administering a test or test battery to a different sample (drawn from the same population). Validity generalization The extent to which validity coefficients can be generalized across situations. q Approaches to Validation (cont'd) q Content validity The extent to which a selection instrument, such as a test, adequately samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular job. v Example: typing tests, driver's license examinations v Construct validity The extent to which a selection tool measures a theoretical construct or trait. Are difficult to validate v Example: creative arts tests, honesty tests q Sources of Information about Job Candidates q Application Forms q Online Applications q Biographical Information Blanks (BIB) q Background Investigations q Polygraph Tests q Integrity and Honesty Tests q Graphology q Employment Tests q Interviews q Application Forms q Standardization q Human rights q Interview format q Reference checks q Misrepresentation q Online Applications q An Internet-based automated posting, application, and tracking process helps firms to more quickly fill positions by: Attracting a broader and more diverse applicant pool Collecting and mining rsums with keyword searches to identify qualified candidates Conducting screening tests online Reducing recruiting costs significantly q Biographical Information Blanks q Sample Questions: At what age did you leave home? How large was the town/city in which you lived as a child? Did you ever build a model airplane that flew? Were sports a big part of your childhood? Do you play any musical instruments? q Background Checks q Checking References Mail and telephone checks v Specific job-related information Letters of reference v Teachers v Religious leaders, friends and parents v Employers Polygraph Tests q Check provincial legislation before considering use of the poly...
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