WEEK 12 - Chp. 11

1959 to 1971 o most programs produced by television

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Unformatted text preview: programs and operating costs. For example; the tobacco company that sponsored "I Love Lucy", who bought air time on televisions. Demographic Daytime vs. Primetime Broadcast on every channel or dedicated channels. Super-bowl; cost of air time (the idea numerous audience watch a particular show) Neilson Company; measure audience size, for advertisers and networks on a negotiated price Neilson Company played a huge role in the cost of advertising. Amount Spent on Advertising in the US o 1900 $450 Million o 1950 $5.7 Billion o 2000 $243 Billion o 2007 $279 Billion The History behind Advertising o Advertising linked with changes in history. o Modern Industrial Capitalism o Fully formed after 1920's o Emotional needs of consumers were targeted. Screening: o Advertising and the End of the World (1997) by Sut Jhally The text of this documentary lecture is available on Sut Jhally's Website: "Advertising at the Edge of the Apocalypse" http://www.sutjhally.com/articles/advertisingattheed/ Part 2 o The rise of consumerism as an ideology in the 20th century. The problem of mass production and the solutions through strategic moves. Consumerism makes Capitalism work. How industrial capitali...
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