WEEK 12 - Chp. 11

Screening o advertising and the end of the world

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Unformatted text preview: sm changed society: 1. It destroyed old forms of production and social relations. 2. It created an international labour market. 3. It had to co-opt or destroy alternative systems and ideologies. Massive migration is required of consumerism; labour. How do you get migrants to fit into society? Problems of Consumerism/Capitalism: o Changes older forms of economic. o Integrating migrants into society. Consumerism o Homogenization of diverse ethnic groups promoting the "American Dream" o Materialism and capitalism a utopia? Film exports used to sell the "American Dream" Product placement. For example; Mission Impossible and BMW advertisement. How to tie the population to the American Dream? Consumer lifestyle and how happiness can be found? Screening: o Theme: Young people need to reunions themselves as Citizens rather than consumers. Screening: o No Logo (2003) o Based on the book by Naomi Klein The Kitchen Debate: o Nikita Khrushchev vs. Richard Nixon Racism in America vs. Freedom and Availability of Choices in the Soviet Union. The GI Bill; soldiers reintegrate back into society. Free tuition, loans etc. This allowed for consumerism to take off....
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