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oedipus puzzle - Oedipus: "I would be blind to misery/...

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Oedipus: “I would be blind to misery/ not to pity my people kneeling at my feet” (159) Priest: “Oh Oedipus, king of the land, our greatest power!/ You see us before you now, men of all ages/ clinging to your altars” (160) “Our city-/ look around you, see with your own eyes -/ our ship pitches wildly…” (160) Oedipus: “My children/ I pity you. I see - how could I fail too see / what longings bring you here?” (162) “Lord Apollo,/ let him come with a lucky word of rescue,/ shining like his eyes !” (162) “Whose fate does Apollo bring to light ?” (164) “I never saw the man myself” (164) Creon: “No,/ they were all killed but one. He escaped/ terrified, he could tell us nothing clearly,/ nothing of what he saw – just one thing.” (165) Oedipus: “No,/ I’ll start again – I’ll bring it all to light myself!” (167) Chorus: “…life on life goes down/ you can watch them go/ like seabirds winging west, outracing the day’s fire/ down the horizon, irresistibly/ streaking on to the shores of Evening…” (169) “O golden daughter of god, send rescue/ radiant as the kindness in your eyes !” (169) Leader: “I still believe…/ Lord Tiresias sees with the eyes of Lord Apollo./ Anyone searching for the truth, my king,/ might learn it from the prophet, clear as day .” (174) Oedipus: “ Blind as you are, you can feel all the more/ what sickness haunts our city.” (176) Tiresias: “How terrible – to see the truth/ when the truth is only pain to him who sees!” (176) “I fail to see / that your own words are so well-timed” (177) Oedipus: “It [the truth] does/ but not for you old man. You’ve lost your power,/ stone- blind , stone-deaf – senses, eyes blind as stone!” (181) Tiresias: “I pity you, flinging at me the very insults/ each man here will fling at you so soon.” (181) Oedipus: “ Blind ,/ lost in the night, endless night that nursed you!/ You can’t hurt me or anyone else who sees the light - / you can never touch me.” (181) “…Creon,/ the soul of trust, my loyal friend from the start/ steals against me … so hungry to overthrow me/ he sets this wizard on me, this scheming quack,/ this fortune-teller peddling lies, eyes peeled / for his own profit – seer blind in his craft!” (182) Tiresias: “So,/ you mock my blindness ? Let me tell you this./ You with your precious eyes ,/ you’re blind to the corruption of your life,/ to the house you live in, those you live with – / who are your parents? Do you know? All unknowing/ you are the scourge of your own flesh and blood,/ the dead below the earth and the living here above,/ and the double lash of your mother and your father’s curse/ will whip you from this land one day, their footfall/ treading you down in terror, darkness shrouding/ your eyes that now can see the light !” (183) “I will never shrink from the anger in your eyes – / you can’t destroy me.” (185) Blind
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oedipus puzzle - Oedipus: "I would be blind to misery/...

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