Topic 6_Section 2.5 SP13 relations in categorical data

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Unformatted text preview: % died – % survived – This is called the conditional distribution of _________given______ • For hospital B (surgery patients) – % died – % survived – This is called the conditional distribution of __________given_____ But Hospital A says “Wait a Minute!” • Why might Hospital A think these comparisons are unfair? • Why might they be oversimplified? • What other variable might be mixed up in the results? • One possible variable: _______________________ • To do the analysis, compare the outcomes for Hospitals A vs B based on __________________. • This might make a difference. Why? • Conclusion at this point: Considering the Condition of the Patient Analyze the percents broken down Results for condition = good Condition = good Hospital A B Died 6 8 Survived 594 592 Results for condition = poor A B All died 6...
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