Topic 6_Section 2.5 SP13 relations in categorical data


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Unformatted text preview: e a purchase and those who didn’t. • Interpretation: • What can you say? 4 Comparing conditional distributions • What can you say? • If the conditional distributions are the same, then the subgroups give the same results, so there is no relationship between the two variables. Does taking aspirin reduce heart attacks? aspirin placebo all fatal heart attack 10 26 36 non‐fatal heart attack 129 213 342 stroke 119 98 217 none 10779 10697 21476 all 11037 11034 22071 • If the conditional distributions differ, then the subgroups give different results, so there IS a relationship between the two variables. Comparing conditionals • Can compare the aspirin group vs placebo group regarding the outcomes. What do you find? • Calculate the conditional distributions • In statistical terms this means: • Find the ____________distribution of _____...
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