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Research proposal

Research proposal - generalization about the condition and...

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Ankur Gupta Professor Marconi PWR 1 23 November 2004 Research Proposal In my research paper, I would like to study the social stigma of Alzheimer’s disease. Ever since Ronald Reagan’s death, it has been receiving more and more publicity. Coupled with this publicity is language that is used to cater to the general public. As a result, unintentional metaphor and stigma are created as subsets of stereotypes held by the common citizen. In my research, I also want to analyze the effect of the burgeoning group of senior citizens because of the baby boomer generation. The increasing number of old people combined with increasing life spans puts more and more people at risk for Alzheimer’s and this provides for much more prejudice and
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Unformatted text preview: generalization about the condition and those who suffer from it. I also want to find out how the stigma created by language due to all the aforementioned factors affects the actual patients so I can tie in Susan Sontag’s argument with mine. Possible sources for my research include medical journals using LexisNexis, other various databases, and editorial types of publications that provide arguments pertaining to the issue. My thesis will probably encompass the idea of the stigmatization of Alzheimer’s disease which currently leads people to hide their condition from their relatives and doctors, defending and affirming Sontag’s position....
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