ps2 - Ankur Gupta E25 PS2 1 Changing the base in the third...

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Ankur Gupta 4/15/06 E25 PS2 1. Changing the base in the third position of a codon will have the smallest effect on an organism because in several scenarios as long as the first two bases are the same, the amino acid is the same. 2. E. coli is considered the work horse because of its known gene sequence and its short doubling time of 20 minutes, which allows for rapid replication of any plasmids within the organism. 3. If tandem duplication were used to make a virus non-virulent, the the large tandem duplication would be the more stable mutation because the probability that part of the duplicate sequence will be deleted or lost is lower. Also, a large tandem duplication increases the chance of further mutation by homologous recombination. 4. A dysfunctional gene in a S. erythraea bacterium does not prove that the gene evolved specifically for making erythromycin. The gene could be responsible for coding one of the proteins in the initiation complex. Without this helper protein, a normal erythromycin gene cannot be transcribed. Thus, the dysfunctional protein could code for a variety of proteins involved in erythromycin production. 5 a. The protein is TIGR00045
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ps2 - Ankur Gupta E25 PS2 1 Changing the base in the third...

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