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E25 Problem Set #6 (one side only) Due 5/25/06 1. Look at Chemical Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry in the Stanford bulletin (we posted them on coursework). Pick some field of biotechnology that interests you. What are some of the strengths and weaknesses for each major if you wanted to go into this field? (under 100 words) 2. The guest lecturers Tim Dodge (from Genencor) and Katharine Ku (from OTL at Stanford) both have Chemical Engineering degrees. Stephen DelCardayre from Codexis has his degrees in Biochemistry. a) Describe one aspect of each of these peoples work that seems to fit in with their degree (under 25 words each = 75 words) b) Describeone aspect of each person that is interdisciplinary, or crosses the borders of their degrees (under 25 words each = 75 words) 3. What is the OTL and what does it do ( (under 50 words) 4. If you come up with an invention while working in a Stanford laboratory, who owns the invention? How does Stanford make money from these patents?
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