Ankur Gupta- Swaraj response

Ankur Gupta- Swaraj response - eight year old and asked all...

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Ankur Gupta Swaraj Response Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj was quite an interesting text, not only because of the topics it focuses on but the extra layer Gandhi creates with the Editor/Reader format. This was a creative, and in my opinion, effective way of conveying the issues he felt he needed to bring to light. Gandhi begins by addressing the Congress, the partition of Bengal, swaraj, and even the condition of England itself before discussing the condition of India. While describing all these topics, several of his points struck a chord with me, not because I necessarily disagree, but mainly because of the wording he chose in the translation. His comparison of the British Government in India to a struggle between the “Kingdom of Satan” and the “Kingdom of God” was particularly startling because I had always assumed that Gandhi of all people would not use such inflammatory language. This reaction may be due in part to the fact that I juxtapose Gandhi’s life with that of my great-grandfather who is still alive in India. The last time I visited him I was a curious
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Unformatted text preview: eight year old and asked all sorts of questions about our roots as the Gupta dynasty and all kinds of other questions. Every answer I received pertaining to the conflicts just before and after Gandhis assassination was particularly bitter, the same kind of language I read in little spurts in Gandhis essay. It almost seems as if he was purposely toning down his language and accidentally lets out a little of his rage at times. In addition, I feel like being able to put Gandhis opinions in context with someone from my own family makes this course even more personal and meaningful. There is a reason I claim today that I hail from the region of Punjab as a direct effect of all the partitions and opinions Gandhi seditiously writes. I look forward to finishing the rest of the book to gain further insight on why exactly Gandhi refers to that tumultuous time period and Hinduisms Black Age....
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Ankur Gupta- Swaraj response - eight year old and asked all...

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