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Gandhi response 3 - It is truly a universal idea The...

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Ankur Gupta Gandhi and Nonviolence Response #3 As Americans, we are taught from an early age that even one person can make a difference and we vote because our say could sway the balance. We speak out against the norm because our voice might convince others to incite change. I believe that I, as a single person, can change the world for the better. Gandhi did too. Gandhi addresses changes that every type of person needs to make. Gandhi believes that only by making these changes will India stand a chance at self rule and rid themselves of the British. The way that Gandhi passes these instructions off to each person shows that everyone has a power to incite change. This inspires the “American” part of me. It shows me that even Gandhi believes in personal power to affect change. The idea that change starts with one person is not new to me, nor is it really new to anyone else in today’s world. However, to hear it coming from Gandhi is fascinating.
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Unformatted text preview: It is truly a universal idea. The changes that led to the American Revolution, the Indian revolution, and any other liberation of a country had to start with a small amount of people- maybe even one person. They were then able to incite so much activity and change that it caused a cataclysmic event leading to a change in the entire world. Gandhi knew that the majority of Indians needed to change, needed to become self sufficient to throw off the British rule. He used the exact same tactics as America’s founding fathers did. Although this may seem small in comparison to the freedom of India, next time the presidential elections roll around, I will try and get everyone I know to vote. I have personally always voted, but now I feel that if I can incite change in others, then I am truly changing the world....
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Gandhi response 3 - It is truly a universal idea The...

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