India nuke new

India nuke new - India a civilization built on renewable...

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India, a civilization built on renewable energy and biodiversity economies is currently at a cross roads - will she continue on its renewable energy path based on biodiversity, and energy equity, or will she follow the non-sustainable energy path of the west, based on fossil fuels, nuclear power and energy slaves? India is not among the historical carbon dioxide polluters of the world because through culture and economic policy, preference was given to localized, decentralized labor intensive economies, not centralized, industrial economies which displace people by depending on non-renewable energy inputs. However, with globalization, the renewable is being replaced by the non- renewable, people are being displaced by fossil fuels, decentralized and diverse systems are being replaced by centralized monocultures of transport, manufacture, and agriculture. On July 14, 1957, Prime Minister Nehru said in the Lok Sabha, the Indian House of Representatives, "We have declared quite clearly that we are not interested in making atom bombs, even if we have the capacity to do so, and that in no event will we use nuclear energy for destructive purposes… I hope that will be the policy of all future
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India nuke new - India a civilization built on renewable...

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