script - Ankur Gupta PWR2 Script 1. Hi Everyone, my name is...

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Ankur Gupta PWR2 Script 1. Hi Everyone, my name is Ankur Gupta and for my research project, I examined the India-US energy pact that was proposed last summer. 2. As you may or may not know, the man on the right is George W. Bush, president of the most powerful democracy in the world. On the left, is Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of the largest democracy in the world. 3. I’d like to talk to you today about the India-US nuclear energy deal, a series of agreements that these two leaders have been negotiating since last summer. On July 18 th 2005, President Bush announced a global partnership with India to promote stability and prosperity. He sought to transform relations with India by working to achieve full civil nuclear energy cooperation. In doing so, he also wanted to help India be a good steward of its environment. 4. Before I move on, given that its 9 am and we are all in an American college environment, I thought I’d try to make this issue a little more relevant with some humor you might recognize. Please bear with the editing, but enjoy!
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Though its easy to take Nuclear Proliferation lightly, it is actually a very serious issue with very real consequences. The turbulent international relations that we hear about on the news every day can cause skyrocketing gas prices as well as Nuclear Winter! 5. As a preview of my presentation, I will first offer my solution, followed by segments on the progress of nuclear development in India, its application as a clean energy source, the specifics of the deal, reservations about and benefits of the deal, and finally, why I feel my solution is feasible. 6. In negotiating this deal, Congress’s primary consideration should be whether United States national security interests are met or not. Though, as I will demonstrate, the benefits far outnumber any associated risks, this debate remains unresolved. This is despite some very factual and convincing testimonies given by US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice on the strategic advantages for the US from a passage of this deal. Congress’s best move, in my opinion, should be to ask the Bush administration to request the Indian Government to halt production of new fissile material for military purposes. 7.
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script - Ankur Gupta PWR2 Script 1. Hi Everyone, my name is...

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