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Ankur Gupta Dr. Moekle PWR 2 12 April 2006 Speculative Prospectus Research Area: The broad area I would like to research are the nuclear cooperation talks between the US and India. The deal largely involves India’s new Fast Breeder Reactors (FBR) and the United States’ offer to provide India with nuclear energy technology. Obviously, nuclear technology can be used for more than energy; it can be used for weapons grade plutonium. This fear has been prevalent in the US media recently even though India has never signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty several years ago. Another factor is that the US is technically not even allowed to go into such negotiations because of the 1978 Atomic Energy Act which is regulated by the International Atomic Energy Agency. I have heard basic pros and cons from both sides about India’s proposed access to US nuclear energy information and I would like to sift through all the rhetoric from the Indian side, the American side, and from third party perspectives. Before I focus my topic, I would like to examine: to what degree is this a partisan issue in either country, which country it will benefit more, what implications would such a deal have on foreign policy and international affairs, etc. Research Question: A specific topic I am interested in pursuing would be the implications for the nuclear deal on the proposed oil pipeline from Iran to India. The US- India political action committee (USINPAC) vehemently believes that such a nuclear deal will alarm Iran and jeopardize the creation of the pipeline, which would do more economic damage than the creation of nuclear energy in the short term. In its lobbying, the USINPAC is using tremendous amounts of rich rhetoric which I want to analyze. In my research, I would like to find out how any and all aspects of this nuclear pact could
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topic - Ankur Gupta Dr. Moekle PWR 2 12 April 2006...

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