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Calfee notes - Auto Ads Lowering prices (Price Wars:...

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Auto Ads Lowering prices (Price Wars: manipulative yet extremely beneficial to consumers as they make companies drop the prices of their goods) In article a discussion of how money is drifiting away from magazines as the ads in the magazines have dragged down the car companies that have spent good amounts of money to advertise in them Money is going to television shows and movies and is drifting away from magazine commercials and television commercials; Basically are commercials a thing of the past This articles supports Calfee’s economical perspective by the way it describes a price war and also in a way it is how the companies have had to change their marketing techniques to keep their customers aware of their products among the products of their competitiors Can’t get away from ads as money makes it possible for us to have mags and newspaper Calfee Opening Saying how people question advertising; suspicious of advertisements Usefulness of ads: price awareness of health, free information on health issues,
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Calfee notes - Auto Ads Lowering prices (Price Wars:...

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