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Hilpert 1 Lindy Hilpert SC 0200 Assignment 4 Although George Orwell could not have known that his book 1984 would relate to the world thirty-six years after it was written, it is an accurate depiction of the world today. In our world we do have “newspeak,” “doublethink,” “mutability of the past,” and “denial of objective reality.” It may not be as obvious as it is in 1984 because we do not have a totalitarian state, but we are being manipulated by our government. Through more discrete ways, they are able to control our thoughts and feelings. The four sacred principles of INGSOC may not be sacred today, but are definitely a part of our modern society. Although we do not use the term “newspeak,” the idea plays a major role in the way we communicate today. We are always shortening words and sometimes even using them as euphemisms. Some modern ways of communicating are using instant messengers and text messaging. In these conversations we use the smallest amount of words and letters to talk. For example, we can shorten something as simple as “What’s going on?” to “wat up?” to save time. The other aspect of “newspeak” that is seen in our world is using inappropriate words to make certain ideas sound better than they really are. In 1984 , The Party uses this technique in naming the ministries of Oceania. An example of this in today’s society is The Patriot Act. The Patriot Act enhances domestic security against terrorism, enhances surveillance procedures, and strengthens criminal laws against terrorism. The government uses this euphemism to make it sound like we are doing our duty to our country by reporting suspicious acts and being dedicated to protecting our nation from terrorism. The aspect that most people do not see about this
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1984today - Hilpert 1 Lindy Hilpert SC 0200 Assignment 4...

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