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Unformatted text preview: new machinery or designs, which impeded rapid imita5on elsewhere of Bri5sh gains. Another large aspect some debate helped Great Britain, and Western Europe, get ahead was some of the resources it had agained in the Columbian Exchange and the expansion across the Atlan5c Ocean. These resources, along with the large amounts of coal and iron it possessed, more varia5on of tools to work with, which gave the economy just one more edge on the rest of the world’s economies. (Module 4, Stearns 48- 50, Reilly 42, B/Z 832- 833, 816- 824) The Industrial Revolu5on is an event that was des5ned to occur somewhere and the countries’ most willing to adapt were going to be the founda5on for it. One factor that helped Europe was the presence of women in the work fo...
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