The industrial revolu5on was not the only revolu5on

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Unformatted text preview: was growing at an exponen5al rate as well, which called for economic changes and innova5on to technology. This change being made civiliza5on could then adapt to handle the rapid popula5on growth. (Module 1, Module 4, Stearns 59) One of the largest ques5ons asked in history is why Europe? Why is Europe the des5na5on for the Industrial Revolu5on? It is easy to see the graphs of economic and manufacturing change to interpret that it did begin in Europe but why? Europe at this 5me saw a rapid expansion and growth of their con5nental popula5on. The Industrial Revolu5on was not the only revolu5on occurring at the 5me. The Scien5fic Revolu5on...
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