They created laws that made the forma5on of new

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Unformatted text preview: pubng the con5nent ahead of the game. The knowledge and technology was becoming far more advanced than many neighboring na5ons. (Stearns 48- 50, Module 4, Module 1, B/Z 416- 424, Reilly 38) We concluded how it started in Western Europe; however, we can s5ll pinpoint a more precise star5ng loca5on for the Industrial Revolu5on. That is Great Britain. The first topic was the popula5on of Great Britain at the 5me. “The popula5on growth was extreme in the eighteenth century” (Stearns 48). The book discusses how the agricultural modifica5ons in the Industrial Revolu5on freed up labor, leaving many workers hungry for work. This led...
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