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Eventually japan issued an apology for the massacre

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Unformatted text preview: In the early 20th century, with a rapid growing popula*on and limi*ng resources, Japan made its way into Manchuria. The only problem was Japan wanted to go from just influencing Manchurian culture to having complete control of the territory. Japan was in the midst of an imperialist movement conquering the Western mainland of Asia. China got involved to oppose the Japanese military. Being an island na*on in the shadow of the much larger China for so much of its history bred a healthy balance of fear and na*onalism. In layman’s terms Japan felt they had something to prove, ins*lled with jealously from Chinese counterparts success. The result was a 6- week massacre that followed the Japanese capture of the former capitol of the Chinese Republic, Nanking. In these eight weeks history has documented that 20,000- 80,000 women were raped by the Japanese military. Also, 200,000 plus Chinese casual*es perished. Thousa...
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