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In laymans terms japan felt they had something to

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Unformatted text preview: nd they were seeking autonomy and independence while the Muslims wanted them exterminated. This did not mix well with the state, and in 1913 the O>oman state adopted a new policy of Turkish na*onalism. On April 24th, 1915 O>oman authori*es arrested approximately 250 Armenians. Then shortly aFer made thousands of the Armenian civilians march hundreds of miles to the desert (now Syria) without food and water. This was a form of mass evacua*on that was accompanied by starva*on, dehydra*on, and heat exposure. In the end it led to a death toll of tens of thousands of Armenians. There were also massacres that claimed vic*ms through mass drowning, incinera*on, or instrumental assaults. The final es*mate was close to 1 million Armenian lives taken by the Turkish state. (Module 7, Module 6, B/Z 961- 962)...
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