In the ooman empire where the ruling ethnicity was of

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Unformatted text preview: approaches were very demeaning as they u*lized gas chambers (most widely used), electrocu*on, phenol injec*ons, flamethrowers, hand grenades, machine guns, etc. The largest of the camps was at Auschwitz where over one million Jews departed this life. The end result was a terrible period in the history of civiliza*on. Approximately 5.7 million Jews died at the cost of a slanted Nazi view. There was also the crea*on of formed United Na*ons to issue the Interna*onal Law against Genocide. This was a clear law and set of guidelines on the Preven*on and Punishment of the Crime of on the Preven*on and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. (Module 7, B/Z 1050- 53, Reilly 69, 70, 71) A very similar event in history took place called the Armenian Holocaust, also known as the Great Cala...
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