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Unformatted text preview: strong factor that *es in all three genocides/ execu*ons is na*onalism. AFer all these revolu*ons whether it be scien*fic, industrial, poli*cal, or just a revolt against the leadership of state one thing can be concluded; civilians were increasing in educa*on. When a civiliza*on becomes more educated they seek things like equali*es, independence, freedoms, and jus*ces. At the *me of these genocides there were both things going on at once. On one side there were the superiors. This would be your government and high officials in society that were seeking a na*onalis*c movement to impose their ethnic standard. A universal religious belief of state, for example in the O>oman Empire you had predominately a Muslim culture with these ethnic subcultures of Greek Orthodox, Armenian Catholics, Jewish, Protestants, etc. Then on the other side you have these minori*es that are becoming educated and seeing neighboring na*on’s minori*es figh*ng and gaining independence allowing themselves to prac*ce their own belief system and carryout society with their own moral values. This was posing a threat to the head of state as they saw their e...
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