On april 24th 1915 ooman authories arrested

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Unformatted text preview: mity. In the O>oman Empire where the ruling ethnicity was of Turkish descent there was a large subpopula*on of Armenians. This area was predominately Muslim and is what all surrounding areas prac*ced as well. Then in Constan*nople and surrounding areas you have this popula*on of Armenian Chris*ans that did not fit the mold very well. In their na*onalis*c movement of establishing a non- integrated ethnic society in the O>oman Empire, the Armenians were the minority targeted first. This being because Chris*ans and Jews were not considered to be equal with Muslims. Also, this was the *me of the Young Turk revolu*on when they had removed Abdul Hamid from rule and began reforming their economy through the Commi>ee of Union and Progress as seen in WA9. The Armenians were the last standing non- Muslim group in the O>oman Empire at the *me, a...
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