CIS 122 LECTURE Debugging

5 printtaxable income taxableincome didnt define age

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Unformatted text preview: #No longer a trivial issue taxableIncome = income if age < 21: taxableINcome *= 0.5 print(“Taxable income”, taxableIncome) #didn’t define age Watch for unindented : indented statements Watch for unindented early end to a block of statements • Motto: Debugging—the art of finding out what a computer will actually do when it runs your program  ­Its not the art of finding out what you want the computer to do • Basic debugging strategy on “if” and “elif” is inserting print statements to give evidence of what the behavior of the program is Are variables computed correctly? Example code: product = 0 msg = "Type a positive number, or zero to quit " number = float(input(msg)) while number > 0: product = product * number print("Product", product, "Number", number) number = f...
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