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BUAD 310: APPLIED BUSINESS STATISTICS Spring 2008 - (14866R) Professor: Arif Ansari, Ph.D. Office: BRI 307 A (Bridge Hall 3 rd Floor) Phone: 213-821-5521 or 213-740-0172 (Leave Message) Email: [email protected] Office hours: Monday 3:00 - 3:55 p.m. Wednesday 3:00 - 3:55 p.m. Lecture: Monday and Wednesday 4-5:50 p.m. JKP110 Grader: TBA Course Objectives: My main objective is to assist you in developing an understanding of the statistical skills needed for future success in marketing, accounting, management, finance and other fields of business administration. This class has been designed in such a way that you can approach this course without the anxiety often associated with statistics. No mathematical background beyond high school algebra is required for an understanding of the material. The only prerequisite is Mathematics 218, and even so, we will review some of the needed concepts from that class. Students interested in more challenging applications or remedial help are especially encouraged to talk to me during office hours. To prepare yourself to use statistical techniques effectively when you enter the world of employment, you must learn to use the computer. You will be introduced and get lots of practice with MINITAB, very popular and self-explanatory statistical software. Goals of Course Students shall obtain the following from the BUAD 310: A basic understanding of probability, statistical reasoning, and data analysis. The use of a computer statistical package to analyze data. An increase in quantitative abilities, and therefore enhanced probability of success in the business world. This course is just the beginning in one’s education in statistics. We will not be able to discuss all common statistical procedures and techniques. TEXT BOOKS and SOFTWARE: Dr. Arif Ansari 1
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Statistical Thinking for Managers, 4th Edition David Hildebrand - Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, R. Lyman Ott - Marion Merrell Dow, Inc., ISBN-10: 0534204066 | ISBN-13: 9780534204068 Minitab Student Release 14 for Windows, Student edition. The software comes with the textbook package, so that you can do your analyses on your computer. The more powerful version of Minitab is up on the computers at school (public labs). COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course is made of four main units: 1. Gathering, displaying and summarizing data 2. Inferential statistics based on random samples (Review) 3. Correlation and Regression analysis 4. Time series analysis The fifth part will be covered if time permits. 1. Comparing proportions and Contingency Tables Analysis The course presentation will, for the most part, be similar to the text and Prof. Ansari’s class notes (power point slides). However, on occasion, lectures will cover topics not in the text. Moreover, the third unit, to be considered the most important part of the course, will be presented differently that in the text. At the beginning of each unit, you may receive handouts that cover most of the material you are expected
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buad310-syllabus-spring08-v1 - BUAD 310 APPLIED BUSINESS...

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