Sacco & Vanzetti Test - Richard Escobedo

Sacco& Vanzetti Test Richard Escobedo

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Unformatted text preview: gh I repeatedly talked over with Captain Van Amberg [sic] the scratch or scratches which he claimed tended to identify this bullet as one that must have gone through Sacco’s pistol, his statements concerning the identifying marks seemed to me entirely unconvincing” (105). 5. We have noted the important role well- to- do women played in most reform movements during the Progressive Era. What role did such women play in the ongoing efforts to free Sacco and Vanzetti? “Well- to- do” women played a large role in the efforts to free Sacco and Vanzetti–so much as to actually hinder their chances at appearing before the Supreme Court. In a small anecdote, Justice Louis D. Brandeis’ wife’s quartering of Rosina Sacco for a time caused him to have to censure himself from any potential appeal. Also, based on the documents, these women were in constant contact with Sacco and Vanzetti. Elizabeth Evans, one of Boston’s female liberal elite, was very close with Vanzetti. Bringing Vanzetti (and Sacco) flowers, food, etc., the two shared a unique relationship, as evidenced in his letter to her. It’s worth nothing that as began to ride into the sunset of his life, he chose to write her. This speaks volumes of what, based on the letter, appeared to be a rich relationship (145- 146). 6. In what ways did the defendants’ ethnicity and political beliefs influence the trial? Sacco and Vanzetti’s ethnicity and political beliefs were a major source of contention throughout the trial. As World War I wound down, a surge of anti- radical and anti- Communist sentiment crashed through the United States. Furthermore, being Italian only...
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