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history review - Introduction to U.S. History II The Age of...

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Introduction to U.S. History II The Age of Reform: Progressivism to the New Deal Exam #2 Review The Progressive Impulse, 1895-1920 Jane Addams and Hull House -1889 - safe haven for those that are poor, immigrants, or people out of work -provided shelter, food, education, day care -helped assimilate W.E.B. Du Bois -immediatist, very educated (1 st black to receive degree from Harvard) -started NAACP (1910) -dedicated to civil and political equality through the court -supported the “talented tenth” -top 10% of the African American community Booker T. Washington -gradualist -supported self help -learn a skill and develop economic power -economic power leads to civil and political equality Ida B. Wells -followed W.E.B DuBois -wrote “Red Record” -very gutsy Marcus Garvey -separatist -thought African Americans would never get equality in the white mans world -supported Black Nationalism National American Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA) -created in the late 1800’s -first leader was Susan B. Anthony - Carrie Catt became leader -helped woman gain sufferage through letter writing and publications Margaret Sanger -1921 formed American Birth Control League - former nurse who supported birth control -initially focused on educating working class women about their sexual and reproductive rights -was going to be put in jail but ran away to London Feminism -1910 -emphasized women’s rights and self development as key to economic and sexual independence -Charlotte Perkins Gilman -feminist writer
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Eugene V. Debs -put in jail under the Sedition Act of 1918 for speaking out against the war -let out in 1921, about 10 years early Eugenics -sterilization of unfit -people with low IQ’s, people who don’t have good jobs -rested on the belief that human character and habits could be inherited Northern Securities Case -1904. Company owned by J.P. Morgan -T. Roosevelt did not break up the trust -let J.P. Morgan become a trust if he would stabilize Wall Street Coal Strike of 1902 -Anthracite coal strike -UMW wanted better working conditions -first time arbitration was used Pure Food and Drug Act -1906 -ingredient labels and stopped ridiculous ad claims Meat Inspection Act -1906 -monitored quality of processed meat -government must finance inspections Conservation -set aside resources for later use -supported national forests and wildlife refuges Preservation -leaving things as they are -supported national parks and monuments
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history review - Introduction to U.S. History II The Age of...

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