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COMM 101 Quiz #2 KEY Oct/6/06 (F) 1. Short-term memory seems linked more to sight than sound. (T) 2. A common listening problem is evaluating before we fully understand the message. (F) 3. Listening is an automatic process. (F) 4. Choosing one sound while sorting through other various competing sounds is called attention. (F) 5. There are four states of listening. (T) 6. We attend to simple sounds first.
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Unformatted text preview: (F) 7. Talking as a means of socializing is an example of discriminative listening. (F) 8. An interviewer who has a set of prepared questions is using the unstandardized interview method. (T) 9. Interview questions that place no restrictions on the respondent's answer are called open questions. (F) 10. Probing questions typically introduce a new topic in the interview....
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