chem140bh Syllabus

Be prepared to show a picture id at all exams exams

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Unformatted text preview: ion session and you will receive an extra 5 points for each submission (max of 40 pt). EXAMINATION AND GRADING: There will be a quiz, midterm and a comprehensive final. Be prepared to show a picture ID at all exams. Exams will be given only at the scheduled times. Make ­up exams are not a possibility. The total points for this course are as follows: Handouts 40 points (8 x 5 pt) Quiz 40 points Midterm 120 points Final 200 points Total 400 points Grading will reflect the advanced nature of the class and no 140 ­type curving will be applied. Regrading policy: Carefully check the grading on your examination after it is returned to you. Make no new marks on the exam! If there is an error, return the exam to me with a note indicating the error. If you feel a question has been improperly graded, return the test to me and I will regrade the entire exam...
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