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Continuous learning and constant practicing is a key

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Unformatted text preview: chemistry may appear different as a large amount of new conceptual material needs to be assimilated. Organic chemistry classes are highly cumulative and ideas introduced early on will be used to develop other concepts later. Thus, letting things slide is unwise, as the material begins to accumulate relentlessly. Waiting until a few days before an exam to begin learning the material is therefore a serious mistake. Continuous learning and constant practicing is a key for success. Do not fall behind. Practice, practice, practice.. I cannot overemphasize the importance of solving problems and writing mechanisms in this course. Simply listening to lecture and reading your text is not enough. Sometimes it is very easy to convince yourself that you understand the material. Yet, solving problems is the best way to exercise and secure new concepts. Challenge yourself and enjoy putting the puzzles together. Try studying with a partner or in groups. You will be astonished at the insight that you gain when you hear another opinion or when you have to explain something to others. Seeking help and advice from the instructors can make a huge difference. It seems too few students take advantage of this opportunity. Do not hesitate to come regularly to office hours. This time is set aside for this purpose! When you encounter a problem, however, first attempt to solve it yourself. If it persists, talk to your TA or me. I wish that this journey will be scientifically stimulating and enjoyable for you. Haim Weizman...
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