chem140bh Syllabus

Exam scores will be considered final three days after

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Unformatted text preview: . You may use either pencil or pen for the examinations. However, examinations taken in pencil will not be eligible for regrades. Be aware that when you request a regrade of an exam, the entire exam will be regraded and your score for that exam may go up or down! Exam scores will be considered final three days after the exams are returned to the class. ACADEMIC HONESTY: Please be aware of the UCSD policy on Integrity of Scholarship. Copying, discussing material or using reference material during an examination is cheating. Any student found cheating on an examination will receive a "0" on that examination and a letter explaining the reasons for this grade will be sent to the appropriate University officials for additional disciplinary action. Taking an examination for someone else or having someone else take an examination for you is a very serious offense for which expulsion from the U...
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