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chem140bh Syllabus

Models are particularly important for the

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Unformatted text preview: g or problems. MOLECULAR MODELS: A personal set of molecular models is highly recommended. Models are particularly important for the understanding of stereochemical relationships and 3 ­dimensional structures. Various types are available. Models are not to be used on exams. TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Excellent teaching assistant will be working with me on this course. Kristina Hamill <[email protected]> Check the course web page for current information about office hours. You may show up at any time during the specified hours,. Making an appointment is strongly recommended. DISCUSSION SESSIONS: Attending discussion sessions is not mandatory but will facilitate learning through active interactions with the TA and your peers. During each session you will be given a handout with problems. The handout will be collected at the end of the discuss...
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