chem140bh Syllabus

This will set the foundations for planning a complex

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Unformatted text preview: econd quarter of a three ­quarter survey of organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is a part of our everyday life and it contributes to make our life easier, healthier and happy. Understanding the fundamentals of organic chemistry is crucial to revealing the secrets of biological systems In this quarter we will study methods for identifying molecular structure as well as more reactions. This will set the foundations for planning a complex synthesis.. How to do well in the course? Organic Chemistry is a rational subject and can be rigorously understood. Although it may have worked for you in other classes, memorization is NOT the right way to study organic chemistry. Certain facts have to be learned and recognized, of course, but understanding fundamental principles, general mechanisms and reactivity patterns is a much more effective approach to studying organic chemistry. Although inherently not more difficult than other physical sciences, organic...
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