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Commercial 2 notes

Commercial 2 notes - Avodart Problems makes you relate to...

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Avodart Problems makes you relate to product How certain product is better than others Music is upbeat you can fix the problem Bright colors I took this medicine I am now happy Say the company name numerous times Giving statistic helps relate those who have the problem to others; you are not the only one who has the problem Multiple questions does this product pertain to you Basically giving quiz to you through commercial No illusion here Individual results may vary not tricking us; or are they why is wording so small Crestor Corn Older age the man in commercial is older Out of wack picture of man out of whack Stats again Not for everyone Describe side affects; side affects outweigh problem Again upbeat music Sunny day Not deceiving Talks directly to audience Ads credibility bad/good cholesterol Ads are not deciving as Calfee stated they may be manipulative yet at the same time they are beneficial raising awareness to problems that may be hidden from
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