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American Congress Final Study Guide Term Definition Environmental Constraints Fenno Intermediate Variable that limits how members goals can effect the decision making process Other Members limit power to do what you want Party limits the positions you support Clientele groups limit what you can support in order to get money for re-election The executive policy can effect what you get done of your personal agenda Member Goals Fenno The Independent variable of this system which determines Congressional Action Determined by the Committee you choose to be on (most congressmen have some choice) Power in the House represented by Appropriations and Ways and Means … set up to have influence over others could also include rules Public Policy is represented by Foreign Affairs and Labor or Education … at attempt to make good laws and policy for the common good Re-election is represented by Old Post Office and Interior … now seen in Natural Resources and such things to bring pork back to the district Visibility Fenno Measure of what the policy or policy goal is Re-election has low visibility with most work being very particularistic and done in subcommittee out of the public eye … LOGROLLING … low conflict b/c everyone wins Public Policy has high visibility with most work being done on the floor of the house with ideological policy that affects everyone …. COMPROMISE … high conflict b/c of differing ideologies among House/Senate members Reciprocity Fenno Aspect of Decision Making Process Measure of Policy Goal Re-election has high reciprocity with a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality” trading off votes for particularistic benefits in exchange for other particularistic benefits … USE THE WORD LOGROLLING HERE OR FAIL!
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Public Policy has low reciprocity because people vote on these bills based on personal ideology and belief on the issue, vote is highly along party lines in today’s polarized system …. USE THE WORD COMPROMISE HERE FOR THE SAME EFFECT! Particularistic Benefits Benefits of a bill that go to a specific Congressman for his district Earmarking of individual money and projects to a district Compiled in exchange for one another through logrolling coalitions E.g.: Airports, Parks, Swimming Pools, etc.
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FinalStudyGuide - American Congress Final Study Guide Term...

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