Globalization-Terrorism - April 9, 2008 The United States...

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May 7, 2009 The United States vs. Terrorism: Clinton, Bush and Osama Bin Laden Terrorism effects and is effected by terrorism at just about every level, therefore making it a great subject for the examination of globalization. It shows both the positive and negative impacts of the set of processes allowing it to happen. Terrorism accounts for the inspiration of terrorists, the cause of America as the target, the enabling force behind terror and the enabling force behind America’s strike back. Much of the rise of our power and our increase as a target can be attributed to the Clinton administration and its policies of embracing the processes of globalization and engagement. However, the fight and fight back can also be attributed to the Bush administration and its battle against Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. America has enjoyed a position of economic and military dominance, unmatched throughout the world, since the end of World War II. This dominance of the global economic system has set America up as the leader in the globalization processes. As the number one receiver of foreign investment, America has experience unparalleled growth. Many of the multinational corporations that have been penetrating markets world wide
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Globalization-Terrorism - April 9, 2008 The United States...

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