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New Terms Sheet - Domestic Sources of US Foreign Policy...

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Domestic Sources of US Foreign Policy Mid-Term Review Foreign Policy Establishment o Steele o Institutionalized Sector of Foreign Policy o Includes “Think Tanks” and Policy Analysts o DOD, GAO, CIA, NSA, etc. o National Security Counsel o Acess to Presidential Power o Institutionalized by NSA of 1947 o Growing because of Technology o Separation between what Elites of Establishment and the Public want Civilian-Military Gap o o Gap between what the Military and Civilians feel about proper Foreign Policy o Smaller than people think o Biggest Gap in Party (Military is Republicanized) o Decrease in civilian contact with Military o Growing because: Decline in veteran percentage of population Post-Cold War shrinking of Military Self Selection, all volunteer force Values taught at Professional Military Academies o Could lead to decrease in Defense Support o Less Veterans in population means we are more likely to use force Kyoto Protocol o o Protocol for reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions proposed by UN, never signed by US o American Strategic Culture directly effects Foreign Policy decision making o Look at foreign policy through different perspectives: Nat’l Security, Environmental, Economic o Sense of the Senate Resolution Erosion of American National Interests o Huntington o American Identity depends on solid enemy o Interests include Prevent WMD attack on US Prevent emergence of Hostile Hegemons Prevent Hostile powers on borders or at seas Prevent collapse of global trade, finance, energy and environment o Eroding because of no need for extensive American involvement
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o Post-Cold War – Pre-9/11 National Security Act of 1947 o Fisher o July 26, 1947 by Harry S Truman … NSC CIA MSE DoD Air Force as separate branch Increased Power of Joint Chiefs of Staff o Institutionalized Foreign Policy “Splendid Isolationism” o Steele o Orignally coined by British o o US is “not unchallenged but is unquestionably first among potential equals” o o Engagement on US terms, able to choose when and where to get involved o Intervention OK for:
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New Terms Sheet - Domestic Sources of US Foreign Policy...

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