Foods stimulate our senses sight smell taste texture

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Unformatted text preview:   Solid foods are ____ filling than semisolid foods or liquids 3 1/4/12 Why Do We Want to Eat? •  Foods stimulate our senses: –  Sight –  Smell –  Taste –  Texture (mouth feel) –  Hearing •  Social and cultural cues •  Learned experiences What Stimulate Our Appetite 4 1/4/12 What Happens to the Food We Eat digestion absorption (small) elimination Hormones Assist in Digestion •  Hormones are released into the bloodstream to specific target cells that contain the receptor protein for that given hormone •  Second messenger system: Hormones bind to the receptor on the cell membrane for activation 5 1/4/12 Hormone Action First messenger: hormone Receptor protein membrane Inactive protein Active protein Effector protein Second messenger Hormonal action The Endocrine System •  Reader page 8, 9, 10 ·A system of control in the body ·Communities via chemical messengers called hormones ·Consists of many glands ·Hormones act on tar...
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