Receptor integrator and effector are the components

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Unformatted text preview: to estrogen by the action of aromatase(芳香酶) -Estrogen is important in maintenance of bone structure 前列腺肥大 Contributes to balding & prostate hypertrophy Bone strength Estrogen ·Functions is vasodilation ·Acts as an antioxident (抗氧化剂) ·Important for increasing bone density ·Protective against heart diseases Ovaries Testes 10 1/4/12 Thyroid Gland 甲状腺 Hypothalamus Anterior pituitary Thyroid gland Releases thyroid hormone to regulate metabolic rate Homeostasis 内稳态 •  Maintaining a constant internal environment •  Receptor, integrator, and effector are the components of a homeostatic system Regulation of Blood Glucose ·Homeostasis keeps blood glucose between 70-100mg/dl ...
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