The Argument from Design

The Argument from Design - 1 First Writing Assignment...

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1 First Writing Assignment Philosophy 10100; Spring 2007 Section 10: TA: Josh Rasmussen The Argument from Design Paley argues for the existence of an intelligent designer of aspects of the universe by comparing a biological creature to a watch found on a beach. Since complex biological creatures serve a specific function, in the way a watch tells time, the universe must have been created by a designer, like a “watchmaker.” In this paper, I will explain this argument for the existence of some intelligent designer as the best explanation for the existence and functionality of biological creatures. First, I will first provide an explanation behind the logic of a best explanation argument, and then provide what in nature needs an explanation and why an intelligent designer is the best explanation for these things. I will also respond to Hume’s criticisms and to the Darwinian alternative of evolution. Inference to best explanation is a type of inductive reasoning, that is certainly not free from fallacy, therefore nothing concluded through this type of argument is ever “proven.” This argument is commonly seen in mystery novels and used for many scientific theses. In an argument by best explanation the philosopher makes an a posteriori argument, one that reaches its conclusion based on observations from the world around him. Then, after examining all of the facts and evidence, he comes to a
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The Argument from Design - 1 First Writing Assignment...

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