Political Theory Final Review

Political Theory Final Review - Political Theory Final...

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Political Theory Final Review Term Definition Metra (Oedipus) The idea of boundaries or limits in life or society, in Oedipus the gods imposed such limits, but Oedipus crosses many, the greatest of which is killing his father and marrying his mother. If you observe boundaries your life will be peaceful. Public and Private Boundaries which Jocasta had a good sense of. Solid Geometry (Republic) A look at mathematics of the third dimension, which Socrates insists should be considered in education while Glaucon says it has not yet been discovered. Demonstrates difference between parts of the soul. Abstract application … city focuses only on plane geometry because solid isn’t of value. Not studied because city is not philosophical. Search for truth in and of it self in addition to application. The Log (Momady) The way the Kiowas enter into life, they left the great planes and moved toward the southwest; it was described as walking out of a log because of the sun at the end. Reason for worship of sun, i.e. sun god. City of Pigs (Republic) The first “City in Speech” proposed by Socrates, it is the simple city with no relishes to which Adeimantus objects because of its simplicity showing Adeimantus desire for wealth beyond desire, desire to be content, where Feverish take over, pleonexia. Cephalus (Republic) Polemarchus’ father who begins to discuss Justice with Socrates; describes it as giving what is owed to God and Man. Leaves to go give sacrifice to gods, because wants to bribe them at the end of his life. Divided Line (Republic) A way of ordering things in the world as described by Socrates by dividing the visible and invisible and the seeming and the being. His order is: Imitations of Objects True Objects Mathematical Objective Truths Pure Ideas Only Philosophers can achieve “Ideas” the highest object. Shows the true nature of ideas “Three Waves” (Republic) The three major ideas of how to make this “City in Speech” possible. Equality of Men and Women – this would apply even to
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Political Theory Final Review - Political Theory Final...

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